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If you came from a place where hope was only in a church on Sunday then you’re just like Reddollaz. Having a vision for a better living is what we all want. Coming from a place where there are more enemies than friends makes it hard to make better decisions when all you see is gangs, guns and murder but Reddollaz is living proof that its never too late to change your path in life and make your dreams, not your nightmares a reality.



Meet the Team

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Ms. Jesse Miller

Founder & CEO

MsJesse Miller experience in a variety of capacity in the music, non-profit, political and philanthropic sectors brings a vast amount of skills and expertise to any project. Ms. Miller is sought out as a project manager/consultant for projects that need a person who is able to complete the task successfully, while motivating individuals as well as teams to create the best outcome for all. Her role on any project can assure success. MsJesse is an out of the box thinker and has been recognized as being a community activist as well as a Hip Hop Pioneer. She has done more than make music she makes movements! Her work using music to mobilize communities is responsible for changing lives and laws in her home state, her convictions so strong she ran for political office in 2010 and received 40% of the vote with little financial outlay against a 15 year incumbent. MsJesse has worked to create a strong reputation that goes from behind prison walls to the Governor’s office and board rooms of some of the most powerful and wealthy individuals in the world. For over 5 years she was mentored, employed and consulted by The Russell Family Foundation (Russell Index 2000/Russell Investment Firm) and granted various financial resources and contacts to assist her endeavors. As an independent record label owner for over 19 years MsJesse has worked in all phases of music entertainment from concept to reporting success on all endeavors. Her management skills include group facilitation, project presentation, mission statement creation as well as project planning, funding and implementation. Her creative background includes music & television production, music licensing, show booking, tour production, artist/ project management and promotion, all phases of industry related paperwork, contract negotiations and a great knack for finding lost financial resources for her clients. Her non-profit and philanthropic endeavors have skilled her in the art of locating and securing financial resource, generating revenue and attention to succeed within and outside of the mainstream. MsJesse balances her activism and creativity with a sheer determination to assist others and create revenue streams.



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